About Us

Hindleap Warren provides high quality outdoor education and personal development opportunities for children and young people.

Hindleap Warren is set in 300 acres of private woodland and welcomes approximately 10,000 children and young people every year, supporting and challenging them to be the best they can be. We provide residential and day courses opportunities for children and young people from schools, youth groups and organisations that work with young people with additional needs.

Through a combination of outdoor activities and the inherent benefits of attending a residential centre, young people are given the opportunity to develop their social and emotional capabilities. A trip to Hindleap offers young people the chance to improve their confidence, resilience and develop positive relationship skills.

Hindleap Warren holds the Gold Standard by AHOEC, is AALA registered, LOTC certified and holds the AAIAC Adventuremark. Hindleap has also achieved Level 2: Indication of Impact Award from Project Oracle. This award demonstrates that Hindleap measures its impact and can provide evidence of the outcomes achieved from a visit to the centre.

The first thing I noticed when we got to Hindleap was the silence.  There were other kids there, but all around it was quiet, no sirens, traffic or loads of people making noise.  I’ve never been out of London before and to see so much trees and green land was amazing to me it was really beautiful.

I was a different person at Hindleap cause no one cared about my clothes or trainers they just cared if I was holding a rope tight enough so they don’t fall or if me and my friend were going to stack more crates than them. I wish I could stay at Hindleap all the time.”

Young person from Avenues Youth Club

For more information about Hindleap Warren, please call 01342 822625 or email hellohindleap@londonyouth.org

Let the adventure begin!