01 December 2015

Tuesday 1 December 2015

On the second day of London Youth Inclusion week, we look at one of our member clubs and how they make sports inclusive and accessible for all young people.

Activities 4 U are an organisation dedicated to building a community where physical activity becomes an essential part of young people’s lifestyle. They focus on providing positive experiences using exercise as a tool to help raise attainment, teaching and learning. They facilitate sports sessions such as football, street dance and boxing.

Activities 4 You currently provide a Wheelchair Basketball session which focuses on key skills such as wheelchair movement, shooting, dribbling, passing and catching. This is an inclusive sport which is played by able-bodied players and individuals that have a physical disability. The sessions give participants an opportunity to play one sport together, eliminating any boundaries and segregation within peer groups. Many of the young people that attend these sessions have faced barriers to sport due to not having the correct equipment or the right facilities. The coaches facilitating these activities not only understand the sport but also the additional needs of the young people.

This session gives young people the opportunity to play a sport together with their peers regardless of their disability. Most importantly everyone is treated equally and can compete in a fun and engaging atmosphere.