Our Activities

Hindleap’s activities are delivered by our experienced, qualified and full time instructor staff team. Most of these activities are within our 300 acre private woodland and are accessible through paths and tracks. Below is an overview of some of the activities we provide both on and off site. For a full list of our activities, please contact the centre on 01342 822625.

Jacob’s Ladder

In teams of three, young people work together to climb a series of horizontally-hung wooden beams. The higher the group climb, the further apart the beams are hung, making it increasingly difficult to ascend.

The group must work together, supporting one another both physically and psychologically. Safety is always maintained as the group will all be wearing helmets, harnesses and connected to professional climbing ropes. The ropes are kept tight at all times by the rest of the team on the ground. The young peeopl not climbing are pulling the ropes through an automatically locking device, with the Hindleap instructor behind the group checking the ropes are always tight and safe.

This is a fantastic activity that promotes communication, participation, empathy and confidence.

Abseil Tower

One person at a time, an individual must first climb the stairs inside the Tower to reach the platform and the abseil. Using ropes, specialist equipment and a qualified Hindleap instructor, each young person must lean backwards until fully horizontal with nothing but 40 feet of air between them and the ground below.

One step at a time, they must slowly descend the Tower. Buy tightening their grip on the rope, the young person can stop themselves from moving any further down. If they gently release their grip, the ropes runs through their hands and they move ever closer to the floor.

All the time, the rest of their friends are watching from below, supporting, encouraging and congratulating each young person as they complete the abseil.

Team Exercise

In small teams of 10 to 12, young people are presented with a series of challenges. Each challenge is presented by the Hindleap instructor, with the rules and boundaries clearly explained.

The group must first discuss how they will approach the task. This illustrates the importance of good communication and being understanding of different opinions and perspectives. The group will then attempt the challenge utilising both a physical and mental skills. The tasks will expose varying team dynamics and leadership styles: who are the activists, theorists, reflectors and pragmatists within the group?

This activity is at the core of what Hindleap does and what good outdoor education should look like. Its fun, engaging, rewarding and developmental.


The benefit of having a 300 acre private woodland is that you have space to roam. Hindleap’s Orienteering activity makes full use of this and pits small teams against each other in a timed challenge.

Following a brief map-reading lesson, the young people are sent out in to the forest to find red and white markers. Once found, numbers and letters are written down, and a question is asked about the local environment.

The winning team is the group back at the centre on time, with the most correctly answered questions and orienteering markers discovered.

The activity is quick, requires a strong team understanding of differing abilities and fitness and brings out natural leadership. It’s also fun, a recognised sport and immerses young people into the natural environment.

High Ropes

Hindleap benefits from a number of exciting and challenging high-roped courses. Wearing a helmet, harness and attached to a safety rope, young people have the opportunity to climb purpose-built courses whilst being supported by their peers, accompanying staff and the Hindleap instructor.

These courses include the ‘Leap of Faith’ trapeze jump, the high-wires, the giant see-saw and the Pentagon Course (pictured). All these activities are delivered with ‘challenge by choice’ in mind. The Hindleap instructional staff will help and support children and young people to achieve their own goals and objectives. Success looks different for different children. Hindleap helps each individual to either realise their ambition, or to go further than they ever thought possible.


Utilising our fleet of minibuses, we head off-site and visit one of two local reservoirs to go canoeing (or kayaking, paddle boarding and raft building) and have an adventure on the water.

All the participants are wearing buoyancy aids and are given expert tuition and safety briefings. The reservoirs are very beautiful and allow children to not only learn how to paddle a canoe, but also to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

Games are played, skills learnt and relationships built. All Hindleap’s off-site activities are delivered by professional staff with the relevant NGB qualification.