Adventurous Activities

High Ropes Course

Hindleap benefits from a number of exciting and challenging high-roped courses. Wearing a helmet, harness and attached to a safety rope, young people have the opportunity to climb purpose built courses whilst being supported by their peers, accompanying staff and their Hindleap instructor.

These courses include the ‘Leap of Faith’ trapeze jump, the ‘Giant See-Saw’ and the ‘Pentagon Course’. All these activities are delivered with challenge by choice in mind. The Hindleap instructional staff will help and support children and young people to achieve their own goals and objectives. Success looks different for different people and we help each individual to either realise their ambition, or to go further than they ever thought possible. These high ropes courses can make a significant difference to young people’s confidence and determination.


Abseiling Tower

One person at a time, an individual must first climb the stairs inside the ‘Tower’ to reach the platform and the abseil. Using ropes, specialist equipment and supported by a qualified
Hindleap instructor, each young person must lean backwards with nothing but 40 feet of air between them and the ground below.

One step at a time, they must slowly descend the Tower. By tightening their grip on the rope, the young person can stop themselves from descending further. If they gently release their grip, the rope runs through their hands and they move ever closer to the floor. All the time, their friends are watching from below; supporting, encouraging and congratulating each person as they complete the challenge.


Climbing Wall

Hindleap benefits from two climbing walls on site. The Climbing Tower combines climbing with an abseiling wall, the other – built to feel like real rock – is slightly lower and with
excellent bouldering opportunities. On both walls, children and young people wear helmets and harnesses. The Hindleap instructors encourage all young people to set their own goals when ascending the wall and coach them in good climbing practice.

Hindleap employs a process called ‘peer belaying’ where those not climbing help the instructor pull the rope tight for those that are climbing. This helps build trust and understanding within the group.


Zip Wire

Hindleap benefits from three Zip Wires, all providing an exciting and exhilarating experience through the tree canopy. Two Zip Wires allow young people with additional needs and mobility restrictions to participate, with the third being our ‘high zip wire’ standing at 15 metres tall.

All young people wear helmets and harnesses, and are permanently connected to a safety rope from the minute they leave the ground. We provide two members of Hindleap staff to ensure that the activity is safe, but also to provide support and care to those who may feel nervous. The Zip Wire is brilliant fun, helps young people gain confidence and build trust and positive relationships with adults.


Obstacle Course

Hindleap has recently benefitted from two new obstacle courses. The first is a lower level course that either serves as a warm up to the main event, or provides a suitable level of challenge to younger children. The second ‘low-ropes’ course involves young people either working in pairs or small groups overcoming physical challenges that involves confidence, balance and determination. In addition to these courses, we also have an underground maze, a linear assault course and the famous Hindleap ‘wet tunnels’; two underground pipes that groups of three children crawl through. This – usually damp – activity always ends with a hot shower and time to get dressed into dry clothes ready for the next activity. Hindleap’s obstacle courses provide a brilliant physical challenge to groups of all ages and abilities. The activity provides opportunities for group bonding, relationship building and increasing



Forest Adventure

In groups of 20 – 40, with accompanying staff and Hindleap instructors, children and young people have the opportunity to explore Hindleap’s 300 acres of private woodland. Along the way, stories of the forest are told, games played and challenges given.

This is an inclusive, fun and memorable activity that brings a large group together and gives them the chance to feel like real explorers. As the group move through the grounds, the environment becomes increasingly wet and muddy. By the end of the session, everyone has walked through streams, waded through deep mud and scrambled through the undergrowth. This is an excellent activity for building relationships, increasing resilience and improving determination.