Off-site Activities

Canoeing, Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

From April to October we head to a local reservoir to enjoy Canoeing, StandUp Paddle-Boarding or Kayaking. The young people are given training on how to paddle the chosen craft, often work in small groups and are kept safe by our qualified team of water-sport instructors. The reservoir is a very beautiful location and the activity promotes young people’s communication skills, trust in others, cooperation with peers and to simply enjoy the natural environment and see the world from a different perspective.



Raft Building

Based at a local reservoir, teams of roughly six young people are tasked with building a raft that can float on the water with all team members on board. The groups are given logs, barrels, lengths of rope and advice and guidance from the Hindleap instructors on good knots and techniques for building a safe raft. The rafts are then launched with all aboard (wearing helmets and buoyancy aids) and the young people are challenged to paddle the vessel around a series of courses. The activity requires a strong level of team work, good communication, patience with one another and participation. Raft building can also be part of a water sports day that could involve canoeing, kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding.