Evening Activities

Wondering how you will spend your evenings? Well wonder no more, we offer a range of instructor led activities as well as providing resources for self-led activities. Over a four night stay we will run two instructor led sessions, for one- or two-night stays we will run one instructor led session.

Night Walk

Explore some of the 300 acres of forest at Hindleap, using torches and maps to guide you (self-led) or following an instructor through the woods, along the way you may hear stories, play games, do some star gazing, or even be set some challenges. This session can be flexible to meet the needs of your group.


There’s nothing quite like roasting a marshmallow on a campfire after a fun day of adventures. Either self or instructor led, you will head down to one of our 5 campfire areas and enjoy an evening of tending to the fire, eating marshmallows, telling stories and even play some games.

Disc Golf – New for 2024!

Get ready to witness epic throws, nail-biting moments and the sweet taste of victory as you navigate our thrilling 9-hole course filled with twists, turns and obstacles that will test your skill and precision! You can be guided by our instructors or alternatively self-led by your
leaders (ratio 1:15 required). Available April-September.

 Egg Drop

Can you keep your egg/water balloon safe? In this classic session, small teams are given resources and must create something to keep their egg/water balloon from breaking when the teacher (self-led) or instructor drops it from a great height.

Challenge Night

In small groups, your instructor or teacher will set unique challenges to complete to earn points, the challenges vary from eating competitions, getting messy or being as loud as they can.

 Tuck Shop

Available on request, we have a variety of sweets, drinks, and souvenirs for sale, including our famous drop bears! Please encourage your group to bring small change instead of notes.