Youth clubs

We also also welcome youth organisations that are not yet members of London Youth or operate outside of the capital. All year long, we provide residential services to help young people develop their confidence, resilience and relationship skills.

So why not help the young people at your community youth organisation to flourish, by spending a little time in the wild! With 300 acres of forest to roam and outdoor activities galore, we aim to give them all the experience of a lifetime.

We can design bespoke programmes with you, to suit every type of youth organisation and young people with differing needs.

We offer a range of outdoor adventure activities to suit every thrill-seeker in our private 300-acre woodland, supported by our highly trained staff. If you want to venture further afield, we can also take you rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking nearby, as well to our special mine exploration activity. Find out more about what’s on offer here.

Organisations who are members of London Youth get substantial discounts on all Hindleap Warren bookings. Find about more about becoming a member of London Youth here.

Residentials for youth organisations

Whether it’s canoeing through the mist or just spending all day outside in the sun with your mates, memories of residentials last for years – and the impact can last forever.

We offer everything from short residentials (three days, two nights) up to longer stays (five days, four nights) during the school holidays. The choice is yours. Many youth organisations visit for a weekend, to make the most of everything we have to offer.

All your meals are provided − other than your first meal on your arrival day which needs to be a packed lunch brought with you. Lunch on the day you leave is also provided, as is your accommodation, bedding, and all instructor-led activities. We have indoor classrooms for evening activities, a tuck shop and provide hot chocolate and home-made cookies each evening.

We build the programme for each day with you. Find out more about what’s on offer here.