Experience Activities


Using full sized bows, groups have the opportunity to shoot arrows either outside, or in our indoor archery range. With expert tuition from qualified staff, children and young people are taught how to use a bow and arrow safely and are given the time to practice and improve their skills. The activity usually ends in an archery competition to see who has become the most accurate archer.



Releasing children and young people’s inner Bear Grylls, Bushcraft helps a group learn back-woods skills and an appreciation for traditional techniques. Hindleap’s Bushcraft session usually focuses on shelter building and fire lighting. Using both modern materials (Tarpaulin) and traditional equipment, small teams construct a rudimentary shelter capable of keeping them dry and warm. During the process, children and young people have to work together, problem solve and be open to different ways of achieving the goal.

During the fire lighting challenge, young people are given the opportunity to use a flint and steel or try a bow drill and create fire through friction. Once a fire has been lit, the group have to maintain it.


Survival Skills

Take your bushcraft skills to the next level!

Develop knowledge and practice skills that are essential for survival in the wild. This session changes depending on the season and can include a variety of elements such as water filtration, nettle string making, plant/tree ID, wild tea brewing, hunting practice and more. Request survival skills with Shelter Building and Fire Lighting for a bushcraft themed day!



Groups are given the challenge of building a giant catapult using only wooden logs and ropes, to propel tennis balls toward a target in the woods. The instructor will teach the children basic knot skills and provide advice and guidance throughout the session.

Whilst learning new skills is at the centre of pioneering, the resulting outcome is often improved team skills and a sense of achievement. The children must work together to build a catapult that will work and be safe and the instructor will encourage participation at all times.


Disc Golf – New for 2024!

Grab your trusty disc and unleash your inner champion on our 9-hole disc golf course! Combining the precision of golf with the excitement of frisbee, our instructors will teach
you the way and guide you around our unique forest course.

Disc golf promises a memorable experience of pure fun and is great for all ages and abilities, it promotes group awareness and is a fantastic introduction to a growing sport in the UK that is easily accessible to everyone!